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What We Do

What We Do

Alpine Exteriors is your trusted exterior contractor in Calgary. It takes serious professionals, passionate workmanship, and high-quality materials to build a safer home. At Alpine Exteriors we take our work seriously and provide the best customer service that you will find in a home renovation company. We understand we are building homes for real people. To ensure the safety of every person living under the roof made by the hands of our workers, we bring in only the highest quality materials from the most well-known roofing material companies in Canada – it satisfies you and makes us happy.

A Solid Roof Makes For A Safer Home

We feel very strongly about our commitment to excellence and staying on top of the competition. One of the main things is that we stress every aspect that is crucial for solid roofing jobs. The first thing that matters is what customer wants. We can always present out thoughts on what would look great on your house but your input is our top most priority. Once you have told us what you want, we can suggest the best materials available out there for roofing. We can work with a variety of materials and still give you a perfect looking roof.

We Recommend The Best Materials For Your Application

We suggest you the materials because every material has its pros and cons. The most important things to consider when picking the material for your roofing are costs, durability, longevity, appearance, water resistance qualities etc. You have many choices of rooftop protection such as shingles, cedar shakes, imitation slate, shakes, metal seam, slate, corrugated metal etc. roofing materials and patterns. Each material mentioned here has its appeal but the choice also depends greatly on the type of house you have. While wooden shingles will look really nice on sloped houses, asphalt will be the best material for flat roofs.

Alpine Exteriors Will cover all the corners

Alpine Exteriors keeps everything in mind and will go above and beyond our scope of work. You might pick a material for your roofing because of its looks but it may not be the best material for the climatic conditions you live in. In a similar way, every material has its lifespan and while some materials might sound affordable right now, they could cost you big time in the long term due to their maintenance costs. For example, properly installed clay and concrete tiles can last for up to 50 years whereas asphalt shingles might not last more than 25 years no matter how perfectly they are installed.
At Alpine Exteriors we pay just as much attention to our eavestroughs jobs as we do to our roofing projects. Eavestroughing is more important than a layman might imagine. Proper eavestroughs guarantee the proper functioning of your roof and intactness of the foundations of your house. The major concern of eavestroughs is to collect every drop of water from your roof and pour it as far away from your house as possible. This water is a huge trouble when it stays in the roof or makes its way into the foundations.

Choice Of Our Materials

Our quality materials and our professionals make us the best eavestrough installation & repair company. Other companies will tell you the costs of copper, steel, and aluminum – the most commonly used materials for eavestroughs – but we go the extra mile to tell you other qualities that make certain materials better or worse for your application.

What Makes Us Better Than Others

What makes us better than most of our competitors is our commitment to our work. Here are some of the things that put us above the competition:
• We listen to our customers first and then give our input into what would be the best roofing, siding or eavestrough installation choice for the customers.
• Once decided on materials and all financial aspects of the project, we provide our customers with the most realistic and affordable quotes. We don’t practice “hidden costs” in our estimates.
• We provide our customers with a satisfying workmanship warranty and not just the manufacturer’s warranty.
• We discuss the materials with you so to make sure you make the right choice.
• We have and we can work with all the common, special and exotic roofing and siding materials from pure stone tiles to synthetic shingles and cedars.
• We use a seamless installation process that allows us to reduce the possibilities of water leakage and seepage. Our process is much better than non-seamless installations.
• We can guarantee that you will have a low installation cost on your roofing, siding, and eavestroughs due to the volume of the exterior projects we complete. This allows us to purchase in bulk and pass the saving on to you.
• Our quality of work and customer service has given us a solid reputation in the Calgary area, and we look forward to helping you with all your exterior needs.

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Keep in mind that improperly done siding, roofing and eavestroughs do not only weaken your curb appeal, they will also make your house vulnerable to the elements. Badly installed roofs cause your heating and air conditioning systems to bear more burden than they should. Badly installed eavestroughs can destroy your roof completely and weaken the foundations of your house. Lastly, when poor materials are used and also installed haphazardly, the final finish is unworthy. Alpine Exteriors has a large team of trained professionals that get the job done right.
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We were impressed and pleased with Alpine Exteriors right from the get go. Our first phone call was informative, professional and personal and that attitude continued through to the end of our project. A great and easy company to work with.

Linda Bergson
Linda Bergson

Second time we’ve purchased a job from Alpine, first a siding job then a roofing job. Both times our expectations were exceeded and everything was carried out to our complete satisfaction. Our questions were always answered and potential problems addressed properly. Would work with them again in the blink of an eye.

Camila & Julian Vidal
Camila & Julian Vidal