Alpine Exteriors is a go-to company for quality siding options as we source a vast array of products and finishes to appeal to any client and have a staff that is passionate about helping you complete your home or building with a material that fits your needs.


Wood is a natural, beautiful option that guarantees a unique finish with every piece applied to the home. Our suppliers provide us with fantastic pre-finished siding that we can customize for you by staining the wood with a unique and resistant shade.


Vinyl or plastic siding is a great go-to when value and economy are considerations for redoing your home’s exterior. Our installers have vast experience working with vinyl siding to provide you with a solid solution for function and dollar.


Quality polymer in the form of imitation brick and stone is dominating the market in Calgary as it is a cost-effective and non-bulky material, is easily installed, and increases property value. Our staff at Alpine Exteriors can help you find the colour and style that appeals most to you.


Insulation siding is the prime choice if thermal protection and noise reduction are on your wish list, while still having an attractive wood appearance. This type of siding has a foam layer to help protect your building or home by filling the gap between the interior and exterior walls.


Alpine Exteriors metal siding is made exclusively by a computerized supplier that provides incredible galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum products in a variety of styles. This type of siding is optimal for commercial and industrial buildings that are unyielding to the weather.


Composite siding is made from cement, wood, and sand to make a product that is UV and fire resistant. This material is readily available in many designs to satisfy any design taste and offers attractive benefits such as reducing energy costs and protecting your home.


Masonry siding is a timeless and strong product that will ensure you don’t compromise on the quality you’re looking for. Our suppliers provide superior clay-based and brick materials that will last for decades and look beautiful.